lundi 9 janvier 2012

Fairy tales

The story always begins with the right words
these kind of words you want to understand.
Then, the night seems never so blind
as when you are deaf and dumb.
You think you're losing your mind ?
it's just the sound of the empty space behind
when you're still crying about your silent heart.

To be continued, once upon a time
on a night which was not so dark
but blue, deep sweet blue,
above north wall, white satin
reaching the hedge purple almost violine.

In the brightness of million stars, pricked on the light silky velvet
You know that's soon the time of the end of the no-sense words
Your heart squeezes up, while you don't raise eyes to heaven
Some of them are falling down, gliding over the wings of the wind
Will you able to pick them if they fall in your garden ?
If your soul is on mute, please restore the sound of your life.

Ne me demandez pas pourquoi ça me vient en anglais
je n'en ai aucune idée
surtout que c'est certainement bourré de fautes.

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Barbara a dit…

une découverte pour moi
merci ♥